Exceptional photovoltaic solar project solutions for North America.

State of the art solutions for your business

BuildRE machines includes features such as low fuel costs, easy maintenance and maximum performance.

BuildRE maintains a solid commitment to the renewable energy industry by bringing innovative products to our partners. Together we can make the necessary gains in efficiencies and capabilities on large scale Solar PV projects of the future.
Our machines come with advanced safety features, easy maintenance requirements, and maximum performance with low emissions, low fuel costs, and decreased sound.

The solar industry continues to surge and greater availability for quality equipment is needed to keep up with the demands of solar project installations. Because we are the first to create a distribution pipeline within the USA, Build RE provides dependable and efficient equipment for solar energy systems faster than ever before possible.

Products for a Renewable Future

Our products

From solar pile drivers to parts to repair existing equipment, we have you covered.

Pile Drivers

When productivity and safety matter, choose our high efficiency pile drivers.

Panel Cleaners

Designed to clean photovoltaic solar panels to help maintain and optimize the performance of your panels

GPS Add-on

Add-On GPS for Pile Drivers (All Makes).

General Maintenance Parts

Parts to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

Repair/Rebuild Parts

Parts to repair and/or rebuild your equipment.

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