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High Efficiency Pile Drivers by BuildRE

Built specifically for the renewable energy industry, BuildRE equipment is manufactured in Turkey with the highest standards of performance and reliability.
During the construction of photovoltaic solar projects, the installation requires embedding a large number of piles, or posts with close attention to plumb and final height. Reliable installation equipment is necessary for the successful assembly of the rest of the mechanical components and solar modules or panels. Accuracy is essential to the solid foundation of every Solar Project.
That’s where BuildRE comes into the picture. We not only provide the hardware but also partner with solar installation operators in order to reduce obstacles like wait times in order to complete their projects well within their estimates.


Integrity & Service

A passion for excellence and sustainability is what sets us apart. We lead by example through passionate leadership and staff with years of experience in photovoltaic solar installation. Whatever your reasons for installing a PV system, we will provide you the best consultation to determine what type is right for you. We’re committed to providing the best in photovolatic solar installation and will do everything we can to help you bring your project to completion.

Solar Pile Drivers In the Americas

Finally, Highly Efficient Pile Drivers Built For Your Photovoltaic Solar Projects — Bringing you Reliability, Service, Parts, along with a Team to support all your specialty machine Needs in America.

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